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In undergoing my daily horror-trip which comprises a review of the day’s news I came across this earnest and heartfelt article in the newspaper that all bien-pensant liberals love to love.  That’s The Guardian of course:

After reading it through you’ll think ‘So what?  It’s fairly innocuous and well-meaning.’

That’s what I thought until I recalled the fact that the DRC is site to the bloodiest conflict since WWII with over five million people having died in the last ten years.  When’s the last time you read a major article on that in your local rag?

Albert Camus once wrote ‘Perhaps we cannot prevent this world from being a world in which children are tortured.  But we can reduce the number of tortured children.’

I guess we should scrap the second sentence and replace it with ‘But we can reduce the number of chimpanzees being eaten by a terrorised, abjectly poor and desperate population scambling for mere survival’

Incidentally, the top five arms exporters for the last ten years – bearing huge responsibility for the explosive growth in small arms in Africa – have been the United States, China, Russia, France and the UK.

These are also the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Peace fuckers.

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Australian TV

I live in Australia.

This necessitates watching Australian TV now and again (I can’t play Starcraft II all day long after all).

Australian TV is infuriating.  Knowing many intelligent and informative Australians I wonder why they put up with ‘news’ programmes that consist of John Brumby pointing at empty lots of peri-urban land and mumbling in a pathetic attempt to empathise with ‘battlers’ concerns followed by 20 minute segments on why Ben Cousins didn’t fuck up today.

As for the print media:  Herald Sun, good on you, you at least don’t pretend you’re anything but crap.  The Age, you are a disgrace.  If you’re articles aren’t bought in they consist of regurgitated lines provided by Government ‘spokesmen’ punctuated with sport exposes.

Thank fuck for the internet; and thank fuck for my blog.


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murder polis is in da house

This is my blog, it will probably annoy you.

In it I will post the occasional film review and, more regularly, a diatribe against the world today.  Enjoy, or not.  I don’t really care.

PS There will be swearing.  Lots and lots of swearing.  If you have kids you may want to keep them away; on the other hand, if you have kids, why are they on the internet?  Is it because you’re neglecting your parental duties whilst watching  X Factor?  Twat.

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